Commitment has many faces

WRW Ahlen is deeply rooted in the region and profits from it to a great extent. We therefore feel a special responsibility and would like to give back something in return. As a result, we focus on the three pillars of sustainability: economy, ecology and social issues.

Social responsibility

We support various activities in and around Ahlen. For example, we sponsor the sports club Rot-Weiß-Ahlen, promote the day care facilities for children and youngsters in the House Klärweg, support health promotion at the Martin-Grundschule Ahlen as part of the class 2000 project, help the police union with addiction prevention and support the youth fire brigade in Ahlen as well as the civic centre Schuhfabrik Ahlen.


Ecological responsibility

As part of our environmental guidelines we are committed to strict and efficient handling of resources within our environment. We therefore continuously monitor our energy, water and operating material consumption and reduce these by constantly optimising the process. This aim also serves our participation in ÖKOPROFIT-Netz NRW which is supported by the Ministry for Climate, Environment, Agricultural and Consumer Protection of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.


Economical responsibility

Without a doubt, we are a young, dynamically growing company with a special team spirit. At the same time, we have a Westphalian streak which guarantees our success thanks to economic rationality and a sense of responsibility. Through cost-awareness we aim to set the basis for a sustainable source of income for our more than one hundred employees.