We will take the burden off your shoulders

A high quality of service which helps to minimise time and effort for the customer is increasingly becoming an integral part of product quality. For this reason, we have developed a service package which optimally matches and supports your business processes.

  • That is why we, at your request, develop our products precisely for your intended purpose. The result is a high level of product functionality and a defined service life.
  • In addition, we carry out further refinements on pipes precisely according to your requirements. For example, this might include the individual length of coils or bars, the colour of the pipe jacketing or the nominal diameters. We will also assist you if you require individual quantities of packaging per pallet.
  • We will be happy to calculate the required operating pressures and temperatures, find the suitable connectors for your piping system and, if requested, label the pipes with your own brand name.
  • In addition, we perform all services relating to commissioning and logistics and deliver your products just in time.
  • And last, but not least, we will gladly handle all approval activities for the requested products for you.

We offer a dedicated and highly efficient service that takes the burden off your shoulders.