The all-rounder for gases and liquids – thanks to WRW engineering

The multilayer composite pipe can be used in most areas in which gases or liquids have to be transported. WRW engineering makes it possible.

  • The middle layer consists of aluminium – a material which is extremely pressure-resistant and which also prevents diffusion processes from inside to the outside – and vice versa.
  • Both the inner and outer layer consists of plastics which our engineering can individually define depending on the application. This makes our multilayer composite pipe a true all-rounder which can transport most media – from liquid and viscous food to chemicals and technical gases – quickly and safely.

Our engineering expertise also offers other advantages: Nominal diameters between 11.6 mm and 110 mm, optimum installation properties and quick project implementation.

It is hardly surprising that an increasing number of customers from the industrial and housing technology sector take advantage of our unique product.

Engineering at its best: Individual solutions instead of standard products

Whether in housing technology or in industry – the demands on piping systems are subject to continuously changing conditions. This calls for a partner who, thanks to its engineering, can react highly flexibly to your specific requirements at any time.

On the basis of our extensive expertise in materials, connections and processes, our engineering develops solutions which are individually tailored to match your specific project conditions.

Following an in-depth consultation, our engineering defines the corresponding formulas and manufacture the prototypes necessary for production. Subsequently, a small-scale series is produced, tested and optimised in our testing laboratory until they are ready to be marketed. So you can always rely on safe technology with a long service life.