15 years – WRW Westfälische Rohrwerke GmbH (WRW)

Pipes are known to everyone – no question! In our everyday life they are rarely to be seen and so we often forget their versatile use, because it is a self-evident fact. We turn on the tap, get into the shower, take a bath or walk over the warm floor in the morning! If we think about it briefly, we quickly realize that this would not be possible without the right pipes. For us, every day is all about pipes – more precisely, our multilayer composite pipes.

But how exactly did WRW Westfälische Rohrwerke GmbH come into being?

As executive employees of a Finnish group with a production plant for multilayer composite pipes in the Olfetal in Ahlen, we had to cope with the shocking news about the closure of the subsidiary at the beginning of 2004. A team of clever, innovative minds working on the development and production of multilayer composite pipes was put on the road. The same was valid for the workforce.

Moping is not at all our motto. From the initial annoyance, the incentive arose to create something new with an innovative team that was dismissed, remembers Edmund Pilarski with a smile. Thus, it was clear right from the start – we had to drum up the old team, Horst Aschentrup points out. Only in this way, can we ensure that all processes and actions are in place, because the know-how is in the minds of the employees and this takes us a big step further if we want to hold our ground against the big players in the market, adds Gerhard Auental, as the plans became more concrete. Well networked and with an eager thirst for action, the first machine could be set up and put into operation at herotec Flächenheizung GmbH in Vorhelm, a business partner of many years today. After a short time, the capacity was no longer sufficient, so that the decision was made – We need our own hall! In 2008, we started the construction of our own company building with a production and logistics hall as well as an administration building in the Olfetal in Ahlen.

A foundation story that became official on August 24, 2004. One of the best decisions we could make out of our fate. After 15 years and an unbelievable development we rank today among the top 5 manufacturers for multilayer composite pipes in Europe. We are actively involved in the creation of international standards and use our expertise to achieve added value as a development partner for you as our customer.

As pioneers, we feel the urge to reinvent ourselves again and again and to express it with the perfect multilayer composite pipe. We see many other areas in which we can use our composite pipes for building services and industry. An end of our journey is not yet in sight and we are looking forward to many more exciting years at WRW.